Welcome to the Green Bin Program

Weekly green bin food and kitchen waste collection is now underway for all single family homes in the Regional District of Nanaimo Electoral Areas, Lantzville, Parksville, Qualicum Beach and City of Nanaimo.

It's working!

Since the Green Bin Program started in October 2010, the average household has diverted almost 2.5 kilograms of food and kitchen waste per week. Instead of going to the landfill and generating greenhouse gases, your organic material is transformed into soil enhancing compost.

Please keep your green bin material contaminant-free

  • Line your containers with newspaper, paper bags or certified compostable bags or place your scraps in loose. Click here for more information on lining your containers.
  • No plastic bags, plastic containers, Styrofoam, metal or glass in the green bin.

The next big step

The Green Bin Program is the biggest step forward in residential waste management service since curbside recycling began.

Curbside food waste collection completes the region's Organics Diversion Strategy. Since 2005, the commercial/institutional sector has been sending food waste to the ICC Group composting facility at Duke Point. The Green Bin Program will enable households to help divert all food waste in the region from the landfill for processing into compost and potentially renewable fuels.

By using a green bin to collect food and kitchen waste, households will divert an estimated 6,000 tonnes of material annually from the landfill to the ICC Group facility. That's the equivalent of sending 800 fewer garbage trucks to the Regional Landfill.

Moving beyond composting

The region's 2004 waste composition analysis showed that food waste and compostable paper make up approximately 50 per cent of household garbage.

A one-year pilot project proved the Green Bin Program works for urban and rural areas, including households that compost in their backyard.

The green bin goes beyond what can be composted at home. Not just fruit and vegetable scraps but cooked food, meat, fish, bones, food soiled paper and paper packaging such as waxed fast food cups and milk cartons will be accepted in your green bin.

Investing in the future

The Green Bin Program is an investment in sustainable waste management. Diverting food and kitchen waste from our garbage will have a variety of benefits:

  • Help achieve our 75 per cent waste diversion goal;
  • Extend the life of the region's only landfill;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Convert waste into fertilizer, compost, and renewable fuels; and
  • Create local jobs and support a local green economy.
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